Give your CMS website a home

We offer hosting services for any type or any size of CMS-based website. Let us help you to give your site a home!

Basic CMS Hosting

The perfect starter package for your basic WordPress or Drupal website. Includes everything you’ll need to get started today.


Standard CMS Hosting

The next step up for your CMS website. Includes more bandwidth, more disk space and email.


Webhost Reseller‎

The best package and best value for your CMS website. Tons of space, bandwidth, email and whatever else you’ll need for your websites.


(e.g yourcompany)


ProWeb has spent years making sure that our hosting infrastructure contains only the best hardware. Redundant servers and colocation, your website will always be online.

Solid state hard drives reduce the risk of losing data by eliminating spinning disks while exponentially increasing the speed that the data on your website can be accessed.

ProWeb has the perfect mix of virtualized hardware, built on both Hyper-V and VMware.

We’ve found the perfect mix of servers and networking components that make your website run at its best while reducing downtime and overhead.

Your website is only as fast as the backbone network behind it. We utilize only tier-1 ISP’s to get you the fastest and most reliable connections anywhere.

Our fully automated imaging systems can get your virtual server or shared hosting space up and running in just minutes compared to hours at other providers.


Customizable Hosting Interface

We provide and support TWO hosting panels

Most hosting providers make use of cPanel as their hosting panel. And why not? There is a reason it has become the most widely used and supported hosting panel out there. But when you only support one solution, you end up stuck with the features provided by it and become unable to expand on the benefits.

This is where DirectAdmin comes in. DirectAdmin is a powerful, robust and completely customizable web hosting panel. And we not only support it, we make it yours by completely customizing it to suit your businesses needs.

Why choose ProWeb hosting?

Here are some of the main reasons why you should choose us for your hosting needs

45 Day Guarantee

We offer a no strings attached 45-day guarantee. If you don’t like our services or it isn’t living up to your standards for any reason, we will let you out of your contract. We’ll even assist you with transferring your website somewhere else!

Anytime Support

Your website needs to run 24/7, so we understand that you may need help 24/7. Don’t worry, we’re here all the time. We’ll just invoice you for the coffee.

99.9% Uptime

Because of our perfect mix of virtualization, awesome hardware, tier-1 ISP and collocated facilities, we keep your website up and running – all the time! 99.9% of the time, in fact.

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